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Business Insights

Proven, data-informed, real-time & actionable

What do we do?

By providing our clients with accurate, proven predictive intelligence about customer behaviour, we enable them to formulate strategy and adjust operational processes for greater effectiveness.

Predictive analytics exists at different levels: one model may suggest a course of action for an individual customer while another may forecast metrics describing the combined effects of many customers. As such, predictive analytics often finds valuable application in more than one part of a business, anywhere from operational areas through to executive management.

How do we do it?

Ixio uses data science, machine learning and rigorous statistical testing. We have deep understanding of the tools and techniques that result in valuable business outcomes. Ixio works closely with strategy, operations and marketing teams to understand and predict customer behaviour. Our results are then used to drive customer interactions and improve the efficiency of business processes.

What have we delivered?

96% accurate inbound call volume forecasting model (three times more accurate than the previous model), saving a call centre at least ZAR 6 million per month through improved staffing solutions

An initial 46%, and now 30%, success rate on a customer messaging campaign in which customers were targeted by an Ixio model (client had 2% success rate prior to Ixio’s involvement)

86% accuracy in predicting customer payment delinquency

80% accuracy in predicting customer payment behaviour at sign-up

Actually there's a little more...

47% success rate on a winback campaign promoting the return of customers that had left the service

Churn model that identified customers likely to leave 1.5 times better than a control

16% success rate on a campaign selling a new product to existing customers.

20% sales uplift in a call centre using smart agent to lead matching

90% accurate monthly customer segment growth numbers

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data
Daniel Keys Moran
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Products & Services

Models and analysis to fit your business

Predictive Analytics

Which of your customers are likely to miss scheduled payments?

What transactional patterns are likely to be fraudulent?

Which customers will respond to SMS messaging?

How many calls will your call centre receive next Monday?

How many payments can you expect on the first day of the month?

Recommendation Engines

Ixio produces a rich, predictive set of recommendations incorporating all of your customer behaviours driving purchases. This is far more than a straight list of products bought together.

Using an ensemble modelling approach, Ixio is able to create recommendations for individual customers that take into account a number of factors: likelihood for a very large number of products and product add-ons, method of payment, payment time and high level business goals. This Customer Recommendation Engine approach promotes increased and sustainable customer ARPU (average revenue per user) as well as achievement of business goals. Data-informed messaging content for specific customer behavioural groups is obtained using Segmentation modelling.

Customer Segmentation

What customer behavioural groups exist in your customer database?

Which factors define these segments?

What events drive growth of these segments?

There are a number of methods of segmenting customers effectively. Ixio uses three different segmentation methods, and validates the results of all three methods against one another. The method providing the most clearly defined groupings is then used to place each customer in a behavioural group whose characteristics and behaviours most closely resemble that of the individuals'. Ixio provides insights into the main differences between the groupings and the type of events that drive growth of each one. Time series predictive modelling can be used to forecast growth of these segments. Identification and understanding of customer segments is used to inform message content and target specific groups of customers.

Text Analytics

What are people saying about your business?

How have operational or other events affected people’s feelings toward your company?

Which customer processes are talked about on social media?

A number of social media and other free text data sources can be monitored and analysed by Ixio. Using Natural Language Processing tools, we are able to derive sentiment and categorise text data by various business processes e.g. payment, subscriptions, installation problems.

Big Data Architecture

Ixio is experienced in large scale, enterprise solutions. We routinely work on cloud infrastructure for processing our analytics. Amazon Web Services is our platform of choice. Our analytics processes are designed to deliver results as our customers require, from monthly through daily and up to 10 second refresh rates.

The true method of knowledge is experiment
William Blake
What has Ixio achieved?

Case Studies

How our data-driven solutions have helped our clients.

Call volume forecasting

Ixio accurately predicts call volumes for a large inbound support call centre in South Africa and cuts operational costs by ZAR 6 million per month.

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Customer Segmentation and Segment Growth Predictions

Ixio determines key customer segments using a multivariate approach and predicts growth of these segments with 90% accuracy

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Predictions at Customer Sign-Up - Insurance Case Study

Ixio uses data available at customer sign-up to generate behavioural models of individuals and companies

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Predictions at Customer Sign-Up - Media Case Study

Ixio uses data available at customer sign-up to predict future payment behaviour of potential customers

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Payment Deliquency Predictions

Ixio uses a machine learning method to predict customer payment deliquency in an annual cycle with 86% model accuracy

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