P r o v e n , d a t a - i n f o r m e d , r e a l - t i m e  &  

a c t i o n a b l e   c u s t o m e r   i n s i g h t s 

W h a t   d o   w e   d o ?

ixio provides accurate, proven predictive intelligence about customers, their behaviours, strategy and operational processes to our clients.

H o w   d o   w e   d o   i t ?

ixio uses data science, machine learning and rigorous statistical testing. We have deep understanding of the tools and techniques that result in valuable business outcomes.

ixio works closely with strategy, operations and marketing teams to understand and predict customer behaviour.  Our results are then used to drive customer interactions and improve the efficiency of business processes.

W h a t   h a v e  w e  d e l i v e r e d ?

- 94% accurate call volume forecasting model (three times more accurate than the previous model), saving a call centre at least ZAR 6 million per month

- 46% response on a customer messaging campaign, up from 1%, in which customers were identified using an ixio prediction model

- 20% sales uplift in a call centre using smart agent to lead matching

- +5% ARPU across a customer base using an ixio Recommendation Engine

- 86% accuracy in predicting customer defaults

- 80% accuracy in predicting customer payment behaviour at customer sign-up

- 90% accurate monthly customer segment growth numbers

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